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Dear Sir/Madam,

Good to have this opportunity of communicating to you.
We are Shoby Investments Limited from England sourcing for your good and reliable company to supply White Oil on behalf of our clients in Africa

We are interested to corporate with your company to supply them under our payment terms which are 100% O/A 60 days from B/L date guaranteed with your Export and Insurance Agency and if you have a corporation with any Insurance Agency or any other Credit and Insurance company we would be glad to avail you with our company details for credit evaluation to effect this business transaction with your company.

Please send us the offer and advise on the best prices.

However, we will only have to consider the quantity after receiving results from your credit agency.

Please by return E-mail, avail us with your company website to allow us place and confirm on our orders.

Waiting for your response regarding our request.

Best wishes

Matt Sykes
Purchasing manager
Northgate House North Gate, New Basford,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
United Kingdom, NG77BQ
Tel: +44 7459622543
Email: shobyinvestments@gmail.com
Email: info@shobyinvestmentsltd.co.uk
Email: sales@shobyinvestmentsltd.co.uk


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